All sculpture is cast in one of three materials:
bronze, bonded bronze, or hydrocal.
All sculpture is mounted on black formica
bases, marble if cast in bronze.
All "Cloister" sculptures, as well as "Symbiosis," "Vagamento" and "Harlequin Triade,"
are mounted on revolving bases.
Editions limited to 12 or less. Prices available on request.

Bas reliefs are cast in hydrocal and framed.
Editions are limited to 12.
Prices available on request.

Children’s bas reliefs are also cast in hydrocal and framed.
editions limited to 25
$350. each

Photographs are printed and matted archivally.
All photographs are signed and numbered by the artist.

Size: 8"x10", with mat: 11"x14"
Price: $250 each
Editions limited to 25.

The photo essay “ Manhattan in the 80’s” is available for exhibition.
Single prints are available for $50.

For more specific details and other information please email the artist at

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